We  bring  the  instrument  into  our  customer  requested  particular  MODE  without  altering  its  essential  nature  or  character.  CRT  upgrades,   Access   Ports,  Input  &  Output  Connectors,  Options,  IEEE  &  HPIB   Search  and  Collection  Modes  of  operation.


A.H. Electronic is proud to offer an exciting new service.

CRT to Color LCD Retrofit Upgrades

Replace your monochrome CRT with a new color TFT LCD!
8566B, 8568, 8561E, 8562E, 8563E, 8564E, 8565E

Our Current Special Offer: 

HP 8566B Spectrum Analyzer CRT upgrade to a new Color TFT LCD for only $2,995.00 plus Re-Calibration

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At  A.H. Electronics, we base our professionalism on the principles of old world artisans and customer satisfaction.    We are dedicated to helping our customers through the use of our state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, and skills.  Some areas where we have already facilitated improvement for our customers include: design capabilities, measurement quality, reduced failure rate, and improved test results.

We  invite  you  to  contact  our  office.

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