Our Innovative On-Site Calibration:

On-site services are offered to our customers as a convenient means of maintaining traceability for the most accurate electronic measuring and testing equipment. To ensure your products reach and maintain peak operating performance, A.H. Electronics’ calibration/functional verification services meets the industry’s most exact standards including ISO Verification.

With A.H. Electronics Calibration/Functional Verification Services, you receive:

• Certificate of Traceable Calibration for traceable products
• Service data label
• Calibration Reports
• Notification of next service date
• Calibration Seals


A.H. Electronics Calibration/Functional Verification benefits your measurement products in ways such as:

• Keeping measuring and test equipment in top operating condition.
• Keeping equipment compliant with up-to-date standards and specifications.
• Maintaining a consistent quality for your production output.
• Lowering your operating costs as a result of enhanced reliability of equipment.
• Establishing a quality system.
• Addressing quality audit and reviews.
• Maintaining quality of specifications.
• Meeting production control criteria.
• Establishing calibration traceability.

In order to perform In-House Calibrations, we need the following items:

• Suitable working area with adequate power.
• Equipment staging area.
• Contact person or someone to work with us to provide the following:  equipment requiring calibration, manuals, accessories, etc.
A MUST: The person responsible for the paper work of the department to submit the necessary paper work to obtain the required (PO) purchase order (NOTE: A purchase order is not payment). The correct paperwork must be submitted.